Beautiful Rose Garden
2 Rooms, 4 Guests
R2000 per night

One of the oldest properties in Hogsback,

rich in history

The original thatched homestead, inspired by the shape of a horseshoe was built in the 1950’s. The original owner hailed from Scotland near St. Andrews and named the property after an old castle ruin nearby called Dunaverty.

 The rather dilapidated house was bought in 2005 and lovingly restored. It was utilised as a happy residential home until a tragic moment in 2013 when it was destroyed by a fire. The ruins have been brought back to life by establishing a beautiful rose nursery, uniquely designed in the shape of a rose bloom. A large variety of rose bushes are available for sale to the public.

 In addition, a prosthetic business has been established on the property offering rehabilitation services within tranquil surroundings. 

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About Hogsback

A popular year-round holiday destination.
In winter you could find Hogsback covered in a blanket of snow providing a magical winter wonderland to find relaxation and solitude. Spring brings colour and sound from the birth of life with all sorts of wildlife to keep you company. Summer offers hot days ideal for adventurous walks to marvel at the waterfalls and views on offer. Autumn is a delight with the turning of colour and the village covered in leaves and pines cones.

Hogsback offers something for everyone, with plenty to do or simply unwind in this magical mountain village.

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Hogsback attractions

Things to Do
Restaurants & Pubs

Hogsback boasts several magnificent restaurants, coffee shops and pubs which line the main road. The small village caters well for the tourist market ensuring there is a eatery to suit all visitors which is complimented with great owner service.

Outdoor & Adventure

Hogsback attracts the adventurous spirit offering many forests and mountains to explore. Bike cycles are for hire, numerous trail run races are organized, abseiling can be arranged, plenty dams for trout for fly fishing, and well-marked hiking routes of various distances and levels of difficulty are just some of the adventurous activities on offer.

Sight Seeing

A visit to Hogsback would not be complete without a comfortable walk to the Madonna & Child Waterfall or wind your way around the spectacular concrete pathed Labyrinth. Hogsback is extremely popular in the winter with all visitors hoping to wake up to the exquisite view of snow covered trees to add to the magical experience of the village.